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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for taking part in the Moods of Norway fashion extravaganza that is spreading like pink tumble weed across the neon lit Universe.

To make the shopping experience as fun and convenient for you as possible, Moods of Norway offers for both shipping (UPS Worldease) and returns for its customers.

Order processing

Product(s) ordered through the Webstore will be shipped directly to you by Moods of Norway. You will receive a confirmation email when your products have been shipped, including a tracking number. The credit card charge will appear on your statement as a charge from Moods of Norway. Your credit card will be charged when the ordered merchandise has shipped.

It may take approximately 1-3 business days to process an order before the merchandise is shipped using the shipping method you’ve chosen. Deliverytime will vary, but expect from 3-7 business days.

Item Availability

In the rare event that an item is out of stock and no longer available, Moods of Norway may have to cancel all, or part of your order. If that situation occurs, you will receive an email advising you of the cancellation. In the event that part of your order is out of stock, Moods of Norway will delete the out of stock items from your order, and ship the remaining items on your order. You will not be charged for the removed items.


9% tax will be added on top of the price for purchases that will be shipped within California.