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Ethical Trade
Moods Wholesale AS (Moods of Norway) is a member of the Initiativ for Etisk Handel (Ethical Trading Initiative), and we follow their recommendations for ethical work, environmental and Code of Conduct.

Guidelines for ethical trade provide the foundation to contribute to decent working and environmental conditions in global production. To establish guidelines for ethical trade at least in line with IEHs recommendations is a membership requirement at IEH.

The guidelines describe the objectives of the work on ethical trade, relating to standards for labor and environmental conditions in production. Such guidelines should be based on internationally accepted conventions and standards. IEH guidelines for ethical trade based on ILO conventions and other United Nations standards.

We must prevent:

Forced labor
Serious forms of child labor
Extreme overtime
Brutal treatment

We shall promote:

The right of association and collective bargaining
Safe workplaces (HSE)
A living wage
Regular employment
Respect for marginalized groups
Sustainable environmental management

As part of this effort, we conduct regular factory visits. Our plant lists can also be downloaded here: PLANT LIST (downloadable PDF)

Download Moods Wholesale Ltd - Code of Conduct here

Interested to know more about our Code of Conduct:
Read more about the Ethical Trading Initiative here.

Animal welfare

Moods of Norway deplores the abuse of animals and allows the use of materials originating from breach of animals. Moods of Norway wishes to promote animal welfare and is opposed to processes such as mulesing, and can confirm that our wool is mulesing free.

Moods Wholesale AS (Moods of Norway) is also a member of Kemikaliegruppen at Swerea IVF - a forum for the textile industry with over 80 Nordic member companies. Kemikaliegruppen provides vital support and good tools for effective efforts to control the chemical content of our products.

As a member Moods of Norway attends regular meetings with key interest in the environment and chemicals related to textile products and production. We conduct a systematic chemical work to prevent the occurrence of hazardous chemicals in our products, thus we meet the requirements of national, European and international legislation; such as chemicals legislation REACH.
Read more about Kemikaliegruppen
Read more about Reach

Moods of Norway is working to combat counterfeit production. Through our membership in the network Norwegian Anti Counter Field croup, part of the Global Anti Counterfeit Field Group, we exchange current information and knowledge that helps to reduce this illegal activity.

Want to know more about our work with ethical trade, please contact us at


EPC-enabled RFID makes it possible for our company to capture information about clothing items without line-of-sight or physical contact. Core to the RFID application is its “smart chip,” a small chip with antenna upon which a sequence of numbers is stored. We are currently (fall/winter 2014) testing the technology on parts of our assortment and expect to have most products labelled with RFID from early 2015.

Benefits for our customers
We expect EPC-enabled RFID will optimise our company’s logistics processes, which in turn will allow us to offer our customers improved availability of products and better customer service.

Our Commitment
Moods of Norway will only use EPC-RFID for the improvement of internal processes to better serve our customers and no personal customer data will be stored.

Contact for inquiries: